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Yoga Burn sells yoga instructional videos for weight loss. Although customer reviews are generally positive, results often depend on following a specific routine.

Yoga Burn Review
This review is about Yoga Burn, a program that helps women shape their bodies digitally. Zoe BrayCotton is a female transformation specialist and internationally certified personal trainer. Digital Health Solutions Inc. collaborated on the creation of this product.

This 12-week program aims to help women lose weight and shape their bodies in the shortest time possible. It can be divided into three phases of increasing difficulty: Transformational Flow (Foundational Flow), and Mastery Flow (Mastery Flow). Zoe Bray-Cotton introduced this new type of yoga, called “Dynamic Sequencing Yoga”. This program has the best feature that you can do your yoga at home.

Yoga Burn videos can be purchased as a set that includes Yoga Burn DVDs and a digital version that is compatible with any smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

What is included in the Yoga Burn Program?
The Yoga Burn program is 12-weeks long, but it’s broken down into three phases. Bray-Cotton emphasizes that the Yoga Burn program is intended to last 12 weeks, but you can extend it if you’re not ready for the next step.

The course’s three phases build upon each other to improve flexibility, strength, caloric burn, and strength. This is a continuation of the dynamic sequencing principle as described above. These are the three stages of the program:

Phase 1: Foundational flow Phase – This phase introduces you to the basics of yoga so that you have a foundation for the program. Without going too deep, you’ll be able to learn the basics of yoga poses that will increase flexibility and boost your metabolism. This will prevent injury, burnout, and overworking your muscle tissues.

Phase 2: Transitional flow Phase – Things will get more complicated during the transitional flow phase. Your flexibility and muscles will be stretched to new heights and your intensity will increase beyond that of the foundational phase. Women notice a significant change in metabolism and a positive effect on their muscle tone.

Phase 3: Mastery of Flow Phase – This is the final phase where Yoga Burn magic happens. You’ll be constantly challenged by your newfound strength, flexibility, and will continue to push yourself to the limits every day. Each workout will feel intense and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your body. After years of practicing yoga, you’ll be able to master advanced poses and sequences.

These three phases are what make Yoga Burn so powerful. Zoe says that most people experience problems while practicing yoga because they don’t build upon their progress. They do an assortment of poses and sequences each class, instead.

The body is not in a position to deliver noticeable results from this. Your body requires progress and adaptation to make any changes and to see changes in your body composition.
Zoey stresses that each phase builds upon the previous, so your body must continue to work harder and adapt to new changes.

What Yoga Burn does instead?
Yoga Burn stands out from other yoga plans and generic yoga classes as a program designed just for women with a well-structured and progressive layout, very much unlike the one-size-fits-for-all classes.

You will progress from beginner to intermediate or advanced level as you become comfortable with the plan’s method. Each phase builds upon the last.

This program is not a Yoga plan. There are no specific instructions. You can follow a balanced diet that includes all macronutrients and vitamins in the correct proportions.

You will be doomed if you do not keep the program at arm’s reach of your fridge with all the Oreos and Ben & Jerry tubs. You can eat them but only in moderation.

For best results, you should eat a balanced diet, as with any exercise program, whether it’s cardio, weight resistance, bodyweight or cardio. Use your common sense.

Yoga Burn is a professional guide for women who are fed up with ineffective yoga classes that don’t work for everyone. This book is the brainchild a highly qualified author, and the result more than 10 years teaching yoga.
It is a well-organized approach that allows any woman to achieve results, regardless of her level of experience.
Each phase acts as a foundation for each phase. This promotes progression and keeps motivation high.



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